There is so much more to our windows than simply letting light in with great looking designs, high security, energy efficiency and a variety of options to add your own personal touch.

At Flush Fit, we only use the best high-quality profiles and every aspect of our windows are carefully selected and manufactured to not only look great, but to offer exceptional performance. We use the latest in window technology and design that looks Elegant and attractive yet are practical and durable with excellent resistance to weathering and ageing.  All backed with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee for total peace of mind

Mock Sash (Horns) Windows

Our Mock Sash windows are the affordable option when looking for an alternative to Box Sash. These windows give an extra touch to standard casement windows. Again the windows are A rated benefiting from noise reduction, low maintenance, safety, security and are totally energy efficient. The windows also come in a range of colours and glass designs.

Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows are built to last. They are resistant to weathering and corrosion and are tailored specifically to your individual home. Unlike traditional UPVC, aluminium will never crack, swell or split over time, meaning homeowners will be making a sound investment when opting for aluminium.

Box Sash Windows

Our Box Sash Windows are simply stunning and provide you with that heritage look that is both visually distinctive and authentic. These A rated windows benefit from noise reduction, low maintenance, safety, security and are very energy efficient. Our sash windows come in a range of colours and glass designs to suit your individual preference

Casement Windows

Our Casement windows are the most advanced in window technology and design with the benefits of top energy efficiency, noise reduction and are highly secure. These A rated windows are competitively priced and come in a range of colours / glass designs and combined for a great all-round product!

Integral blinds

Our integral blind range can be placed in any of our window ranges! These blinds are sealed in the glass units as big as 2500mm (W) 2500mm (H) and as small as 450mm (W) 200mm (H) they also come in a range of colours to suit your home colour scheme